Our Mission

Empower Enterprises to securely connect any user to any service, anywhere
with the industry’s first Dark, Next Generation VPN

The Digital Enterprise struggles against Anonymous Attack

Anonymous attackers need to only find a single error to exploit, opening up your entire network.  Armed with limited tools and resources, Enterprise IT needs to always be perfect.  Are you?  IsoNetic can protect you even when you aren’t perfect.


The IsoNetic ngVPNTM  cryptographically identifies the sender of every packet, is invisible to adversaries, and can be created with just a few clicks.

How We Do It

We Isolate Critical Resources  We make them Dark
We allow Access by Invitation only

The result is a highly-protected, fully auditable dark network that is completely invisible to all but those explicitly invited and authenticated.  Easy to implement and manage, yet extremely expensive to break into.

How does your security model change if the only people who can even see your services are trusted insiders?


Who We Are

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs, passionate and committed to effecting change in the war against cybercrime. Our founders have extensive background in developing security solutions for the military and commercializing cutting edge technology for businesses.

Bobby Kandaswamy


Mike Neuman


Diana Neuman